The police look for Harry Eastham. Ena and Det Con Chadwick scold Minnie for being too trusting. Chadwick tells the pensioners not to bank on getting the money back. Minnie is upset that she has nothing to show for the last thirty years. Irma wants to join the Hotspurs and starts breathing exercises to attain a flat stomach. She thinks football is easy to play but David and Ken tell her how rough it is. Dot thinks Elsie wants her head examined for not getting in touch with Steve Tanner. Val suggests she gives her a push. Jerry starts a whip-round for Minnie. David tries to give Minnie food at the shop but she insists on paying. Irma decides against footballing as she doesn't want red knees. When she finds Beryl Thom flirting with David she changes her mind. Val grows wistful in an attempt to make Elsie change her mind about Steve but Elsie doesn't play ball. Ena pays for Minnie's milk stout before she comes into the Rovers so that she can't turn it down. Minnie is touched by the residents' £5 whip-round. The Barlows and Jerry watch the match. Irma arrives wearing David's boots. Elsie doesn't think it would work out between her and Steve. Irma falls down on the field and moans that her knee is grazed but carries on when Beryl makes digs. Gregg Flint calls Dot at Miami Modes and passes the phone to Steve. Elsie nervously takes the receiver from Dot and says hello.


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  • The scenes on the playing field were OB recorded.
  • TV Times synopsis: Irma takes the field and Elsie gets the message
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,250,000 homes (4th place).
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