Tyrone continues to proclaim his innocence to disbelieving Jack and Vera. Jack reckons that Tyrone took the money but then changed his mind and put it back. David tries to talk to Sarah and again apologises about Bethany but Sarah refuses to listen. Carla swans into the factory late. Liam's furious and accuses her of spending the night with Tony Gordon. Carla denies it but points out it's nothing to do with him. Jack and Vera reckon Tyrone is jealous of Paul because he's their flesh and blood. Paul shocks Tyrone by admitting that he did take the £200. Tyrone tells Molly and they agree that they need to tell Jack and Vera. Claire starts back at Street Cars. She admits to Lloyd that she wishes she could forgive Ashley but she can't. Becky pays Christian a visit. She punches him and tells him that Hayley is the kindest person she knows and he's lucky to have her as a parent. Carla tells Liam he has no right to tell her how to lead her life and that Paul was never faithful to her anyway. Liam tries to push past her which becomes an embrace and they end up kissing passionately.


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