Rosie goes to work in the tiniest miniskirt hoping to impress Liam. Steve suggests that Michelle should move into the Rovers with him but she's not keen unless Liz and Vernon move out. Christian calls in the café looking for "Aunty Hayley". Roy's very uncomfortable with having to lie to him and Becky has to come to the rescue. David keep his head down and works hard at the Salon. Audrey's pleased with him. Kelly chats up Christian in the café. Becky quickly distracts Christian, worried that Kelly will tell him the truth about Hayley. Sarah and Jason plan to settle Bethany back in school as quickly as possible. Hayley's touched to see Christian is wearing the silver crucifix she gave him. Christian asks where his father's grave is and Hayley has to lie saying he was cremated. She feels terrible. Roy persuades Hayley that she simply has to tell Christian the truth. Liz and Vernon tell Steve and Michelle about their New Year wedding plans. David again tells Gail how truly sorry he is about Bethany but Gail's resolute telling him the damage is done and can't be mended. Ashley babysits for Joshua and Freddie. He's disappointed when Claire asks him not to use his house keys in future but to ring the bell. Hayley steals herself and tells Christian that his father is still alive.


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