David's finding it tough as Bill and Audrey lay down the house rules to him. Sophie's in a strop as Sally refuses to buy her some new trainers. Hayley sets off to see Christian to tell him about her transsexuality. Audrey drops David at No.8 to collect his things. Gail lets him in but makes it clear he's not stopping. Steve, Michelle, Ryan and Amy arrive back from Ireland. Hayley enters the record shop and Christian is pleased to see her. They chat over a coffee and Hayley gives him a silver crucifix telling him it belonged to his father. Christian's touched and Hayley can't bring herself to tell him the truth. Ashley's worried he's outstayed his welcome at the Websters' house. Audrey offers him a room at her house and he gratefully accepts. Sarah, Jason and Bethany arrive home from the hospital. Sarah's furious to bump into David who's collecting his things. However Bethany hugs him and David's genuinely sorry that he could have accidentally killed her. Dev tries to chat up Becky but she gives him short shrift. Hayley arrives back in tears and admits to Roy that she couldn't bring herself to tell Christian the truth. Becky comforts her. Sarah and Jason make plans for Bethany to move into David's old bedroom. Gail's distraught as she watches David walk down the Street.


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