Tyrone is still on his quest to expose Paul as the scoundrel he believes him to be. Roy and Hayley are barely communicating. Hayley tells Roy she wants some support but Roy won't compromise his principles. Darryl shows David a bag of ecstasy tablets he's hiding for his friend Stig. David offers to hide them for him so that Jerry doesn't find them. Carla and Rosie are working over the weekend. Potential customer Tony Gordon arrives to have a chat with Carla. Rosie wonders if Carla fancies him. It's Sean's birthday and he's delighted when Marcus asks him out on a date. The date is perfect and Marcus is everything Sean hoped he would be. After the meal at Valandro's they head to the Rovers and Marcus is impressed by how popular Sean is. As he leaves at the end of the night, Sean tells everyone this has been his best birthday ever. Tyrone leaves a letter addressed to Jack and Vera on the mantelpiece to try and catch Paul out. Paul pockets the letter. Tyrone thinks he's now got the evidence to prove Paul is up to no good. Molly thinks it is all going to backfire. Sally is worried about Rosie giving up her education. Becky tries to talk to Roy about Hayley. Roy doesn't appreciate Becky's interference. Darryl gives David the bag of ecstasy tablets to hide.Becky finds Hayley outside Christian's shop. She tells Becky she was stupid to lie. Tyrone confronts Paul in front of Jack. Paul shows them the letter he took off the mantelpiece and it was a confirmation of a chair Paul had bought for Jack and Vera as a surprise. Tyrone is left ashamed and embarrassed. David looks for somewhere to hide the drugs. Paul tells Tyrone to get out of the Duckworths' house, it's his home and his family. Tyrone has been completely and utterly outplayed.


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  • First appearance of Tony Gordon.
  • This was an hour-long episode transmitted at 7.00pm. Due to the Rugby World Cup, the episode due to be transmitted on Friday 14th September was moved to the Sunday, broadcast along with the usual episode for that evening.
  • TV Times synopsis: Roy can't bear to play along with Hayley's lies and ends up making Christian unwelcome at the cafe; a suspicious Tyrone sets a trap for Paul; Sean celebrates his birthday in style with Marcus; David offers to look after a stash of drugs for Darryl; and Carla lands an unexpected admirer.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,150,000 viewers (4th place).
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