Sean is thrilled to have a date with Marcus the Sonographer. Sean wants to tell everyone about the baby, Violet isn't so sure. Gail is worried as David didn't come home all night. Audrey tries to comfort her. Violet and Sean tell Eileen about the baby. Eileen is upset as she can't help but think about Holly. Eileen wants to be happy for them but is a little confused. Hayley tells Becky that she hates lying to Roy about the Private Investigator. Ashley and Claire take Freddie out. Ashley feels like a stranger in his own home. The police arrive at the Platts' house. David accuses Gail of beating him up. Ashley is upset when Claire tells Emily that their marriage is over. The police bring David home. He's told them the truth - he has been beaten up by some youths. The police have given David a warning for wasting police time. Kirk warns Tyrone that he needs to stop going after Paul or he'll lose Molly. Sean announces to the factory girls that he is having a baby with Violet. Ashley tells Claire he's not giving up on their relationship. Everyone is intrigued about how Violet managed to get pregnant with Sean. Gail tries to talk to David but he won't be drawn into a discussion. He tells her he knows she wants him dead. Gail is horrified at the twisted psyche of her son.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Gail is shocked by a visit from the police, who've found a badly beaten David in the city centre and accuse her of the assault; as he and Violet tell the locals that they're having a baby, Sean is especially pleased to hear from sonographer Marcus again; and Ashley's hopes of a reconciliation with Claire are dashed.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,620,000 viewers (5th place).
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