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Tyrone returns from visiting his mum in Spain. He's put out when Molly tells him how Paul has bought into Valandro's and wonders where he got the money. Determined to reduce his carbon footprint, Roy makes a toilet flush water-saving device from a plastic bottle. Hayley's distraught and confesses to Becky she's just discovered that she's got a son who's in his twenties. Although she's always wanted a child she can't bear to hurt Roy - she told Roy she was a virgin. Becky's sympathetic. Ashley takes the day off work to spend it with Claire. Casey calls round and before Ashley can stop her, Claire invites her to stay for lunch. Frank invites Cilla to Las Vegas with him. Cilla's delighted. Casey tells Claire how while she was away she fell in love with a guy but he's no longer interested in her. Claire's sympathetic whilst Ashley's heart is in his mouth. Norris cooks Emily dinner. She's worried he's going to propose but Norris lets slip he's intending to propose to someone else and Emily giggles with relief. Norris takes offence. Ashley drives Casey home and tells her to leave him and Claire alone. Casey's hurt. Hayley's tormented by thoughts of her son but not wanting to hurt Roy.


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