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David is bored and hangs around the street. Ashley tries to pick his moment and tell Casey that their relationship is over but Casey simply talks over him. She tells Ashley that it's time for him to break the news to Claire that their marriage is over. Ashley tries to argue but Casey leaves. Audrey tells Ashley how she visited Claire and implores him to rebuild his marriage. Roy's recycling obsession in the cafe is starting to get on Becky's nerves. Frank moves back to his own home and Cilla starts work as his cleaner and carer. She's impressed with his house. Frank suggests they go for a drink in the Rovers. Liam buys Maria a coffee in the cafe. It's obvious she fancies him. Ashley's telling Casey how he loves Claire and he should never have got involved with her when Claire unexpectedly arrives home with Freddie. Casey leaves them to talk. She finds Audrey in the Rovers and tells her how Ashley wants to be with her and is currently telling Claire that their marriage is over. Darryl's appalled to discover Jerry entertained Eileen in his shed. Hayley's upset to hear that her Aunty Monica has died. Claire's deeply suspicious of Ashley's relationship with Casey and demands to know if he slept with her.


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