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Gail forces David to apologise to Mel and Jerry in the takeaway in front of an audience. David's totally humiliated and Sarah's delighted to watch him squirm. Paul tells Leanne he's going to raise the £20,000 and become her partner in Valandro's. Leanne's disbelieving but agrees on a 60/40 split if he does. Cilla and Frank enjoy being rude to each other in the nursing home. Cilla makes sure she shows plenty of thigh. Frank offers her the job of being his full-time carer. Jerry invites Eileen out on a date. After mulling it over Eileen suggests they go to Valandro's on Wednesday. Sarah gleefully tells Jason about David's public humiliation. Jason feels a bit sorry for him. Liam arrives at the restaurant only to find his client can't make it. He ends up having lunch with Leanne. Leanne's hopeful they can patch things up but Liam realises he can't forgive her and leaves. David's hatred for his family is heightened when he overhears Gail, Audrey and Sarah discussing his lack of love life and questioning his sexuality. Paul secretly makes a phone call and orders a driving licence in the name of "Jack Duckworth". Jason sees David on the factory roof. Jason goes up to talk to him. David scares him by telling him how he could shoot his family from there if he had a gun.


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