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David vows to get his revenge on Sarah for ruining his chances with Mel. Mel apologises to David for standing him up. Amber watches them from a distance. Paul offers to collect Vera's prescription for her. Vera's touched. David tells Amber he's been sleeping with Mel but he got bored and dumped her. Michelle invites Steve and Amy over to Ireland to meet her family. Amber tells Darryl what David said about Mel. Darryl in turn tells Mel and Jerry. Jerry's furious at David for blackening his daughter's name. Liam's got an appointment with a client. He's nervous as the client insists they go to Valandro's. Leanne's stressed out over money and the future of the restaurant. Paul assures her that she'll find another investor soon. Jerry storms round to No.8 and tells Gail about David's lies. Gail resolves to sort it out. Norris meets Ivor and George for a drink. They're determined to find out who Norris has set his sights on and wonder if it's Emily. Norris refuses to comment. Gail marches into the salon and drags David outside insisting he's going to apologise to Mel for spreading lies about her. Sarah's delighted.


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