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Carla shows Rosie how to check the girls' sewing. Sally's embarrassed when Rosie checks a pair of knickers she's sewn and they're not up to scratch. David washes Mel's hair and asks her out for a drink. Steve manages to win Michelle round by telling her Shania was a one-off drunken snog and he didn't sleep with her because he's in love with Michelle. Carla tells Rosie if she decides not to go back to school in September there's always a job at Underworld for her. Audrey's deeply concerned when she sees Casey letting Ashley into No.4. Casey's wearing an apron and obviously playing at being "the wife". Eileen casually asks Jerry if he'll be going to Jack and Vera's 50th wedding anniversary party. She's pleased when he says he is. Sally tells Kevin how Rosie's starting to idolise Carla at the factory. Kevin calls to see Ashley and is perturbed to find Casey there. Sarah's feeling vulnerable but Jason assures her he really wants to marry her. Michelle realises she's only got half a story. In a packed Rovers, she forces Steve to confess that the real reason he didn't sleep with Shania is because Shania turned out to be a man.


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