Irma hates the idea of David standing for the council and tries to embarrass him in the Rovers. Dennis wins at cards but Bert Tate refuses to pay up. Dennis stands up to Bert and wins his admiration. Bert agrees to be the Gamma Garments' debt collector in exchange for Dennis wiping Bertha Frisk's slate clean. The Barlows throw a birthday party for Peter and Susan. Irma walks out when David talks about the elections. She refuses to become old and boring. Annie tries to help David in the elections but he decides not to stand. Minnie worries about keeping her money in the house. Two men, Harry Eastham and Johnny Wade, see her with the money.


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Irma Barlow: "I'm goin' ter be swappin' rude jokes wi' Elsie Tanner an' slagin' Mrs Sharples an' battin' me eyelashes at the fellers till they carry me out in me box."

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