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Chesney searches in vain for Schmeichel. Ashley tells Claire he's going to cook her a nice lunch. Pat calls in the cab office to see Eileen. He leaves his mobile phone behind. Jodie discovers that Schmeichel is Chesney's dog and not Cilla's. Guiltily she lets him out of the garden shed. Pat's mobile keeps bleeping. Eileen's curiosity gets the better of her and she, Steve and Lloyd read his texts. Eileen's gutted realising he's got about six women on the go. Casey manipulates Claire and suggests she attends a support group that afternoon. She promises she'll explain to Ashley why Claire can't make lunch. Casey calls at No.4 and tells Ashley that Claire's gone into town. Ashley's crestfallen and asks Casey in for lunch instead. Ashley gets upset and Casey comforts him. Jodie tries to return the dog to No.5 but Cilla tells her that she can keep him and slams the door. Ashley's vulnerable and upset and when Casey kisses him he responds. They have sex in the conservatory. Pat calls in the cab office to pick up his mobile. Eileen confronts him over his six women and then punches him in the face. Claire arrives home.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Steve reads Pat's text messages, which reveal the truth about the Irish charmer's wife; and Casey persuades Claire to attend a support group - before dropping in on Ashley for another cosy chat.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,010,000 viewers (2nd place).
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