Sally's hung-over and takes the day off work. Kevin takes her shopping and out for lunch. They reminisce about their lives together. Joanne's lippy with Carla. Kelly warns her not to push her too far. Carla tells Rosie her first job is to re-organise the personnel files and start with Joanne's. Liz tells Violet how she confessed to Linda about her affair with Derek and now she's worried Vernon will find out. Violet's sympathetic. Vernon wants to plan a surprise for Liz. Dev suggests whisking her off to Paris. David takes the mickey out of Sarah suggesting Jason will do a runner again from their next wedding. Paul Clayton turns up at the Duckworths' house having got Molly's message. Tyrone takes an instant dislike to him but Jack and Vera are delighted to see their grandson. He tells them he's now a chef but he's on holiday at the moment and would like to stay a few days. When Jack asks Paul to place a bet for him, Paul tells Tyrone how he's going to keep the money as Jack will never know. Jason threatens to hit David if he doesn't start being nicer to Sarah. David's taken aback. Carla calls Joanne into the office and sacks her saying they're overstaffed. Tyrone discovers Paul was winding him up; he did place Jack's bet and he's won £140.


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