The smoking ban comes into force. Steve and some of the regulars start smoking in the backyard of the Rovers. Roy tells Hayley of his plans to make the café more environmentally friendly. Becky's unimpressed. Leanne takes over the restaurant. Luca introduces her to the staff. Eileen does her best to cook a lovely meal for Pat but it's a disaster so they go to the takeaway instead. Jerry's hurt to see Eileen out with Pat but puts on a brave face. Leanne, Roger and Janice toast the new business with a glass of champagne. Sean's treading on eggshells wondering if he's offended Violet by offering to father her child. However he's surprised when Violet says she thinks it's a good idea. Molly tries to tell Jack that she and Tyrone are thinking of moving out and getting their own flat. Eileen and Pat have a laugh together and agree he should stay the night. Violet and Sean are excited at the thought of having a baby together.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Violet considers Sean's suggestion for them to have a baby together; Jerry is dismayed when Eileen and Pat call in to the takeaway; and Jack begs Molly to reconsider moving out.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,920,000 viewers (17th place). This episode was broadcast opposite The Concert for Diana on BBC1.
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