Hayley tries to get the factory girls to toe the line but to no avail. Sally tells Hayley where she's going wrong and it's obvious Sally wishes she were in charge. Steve gets a big bouquet of flowers for his birthday. He hopes they're from Michelle but he's disappointed to discover they're from his mum. Ken and Deirdre are worried the real reason Blanche is holding a wake is that secretly she's very ill. Blanche assures them she's fit and well. Leanne reminds Carla they're due to take over the restaurant. Carla tells Leanne she's a common whore who helped kill her husband and she won't be going into business with her. The factory girls down tools and skive off to the pub. Hayley admits defeat and goes with them. Roger suggests to Leanne she could take over the restaurant by herself. Janice thinks it's too big a commitment but Leanne's excited at the prospect. Blanche's wake takes place in the Rovers. Joanne arrives in the pub hoping she can have her job at the factory back. Leanne tells Carla she's going to run the restaurant by herself.


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