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As the invigilator puts out the fire, David proudly surveys the havoc he's wreaked and then strolls out. Ashley and Claire move back into No.4 which Ashley sees as a positive step but Claire's very nervous and jumpy and Ashley's frustrated wishing he could help her. Fiz plucks up the courage to tell Kirk about John but bottles out at the last minute. Jerry and Eileen flirt over a drink in the Rovers. Bethany's party is in full swing when Mr Griffin the headmaster arrives at No.8. He tells Gail how David set fire to his exam paper and that he has no option but to expel him from school. David couldn't care less. Fiz cooks dinner for John and Maria. As Fiz kisses John goodbye, Chesney clocks them. Fiz begs Chesney to let her speak to Kirk rather than him finding out about John second-hand. Gail tries to get David to sign a school behaviour contract which would allow him to sit the rest of his exams, but David refuses. Gail's at a complete loss. As Gail, Audrey, Bill and Sarah discuss David's terrible behaviour, Jason reckons the more they try and push him the harder he'll fight against it. Gail sees Jason through new eyes. Gail suggests Jason should move in and keep an eye on David. Jason's not sure.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Bethany's birthday party is ruined when David's teacher arrives to tell Gail about her son's behaviour in the exam; and Fiz tries to tell Kirk about John but backs out at the last minute, leaving him convinced they still have a future together.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,700,000 viewers (4th place).
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