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Paul phones Liam and tells him to meet him at the flat where all will be revealed. Paul drives like a maniac with Leanne locked in the boot. Carla arrives at the Rovers in tears. She's drunk and upset and tells Michelle that she and Paul are over for good. Janice gets a call from Leanne, however the signal breaks up. Janice tells Liam that she thinks Leanne said that she is in Paul's car. Paul crashes the car into a parked lorry with Leanne still trapped in the boot. Janice and Liam set off in search of Paul and Leanne. They're horrified when they come across the crash and realise it's Paul's car. The fire brigade cut Paul free from the wreckage and get Leanne out of the boot. Both are rushed to hospital. Sarah asks Gail if Jason can move in permanently. Gail refuses and Sarah realises David's already spoken to her. Sarah and David fight on the sofa. Ken calls in to the pub to see Amy. Deirdre grabs the chance to speak to him but he doesn't stay long. Deirdre's disappointed. Liam, Janice, Michelle, Carla and Steve assemble at the hospital awaiting news about Paul and Leanne. They're told Leanne should be fine in the morning but Paul is touch and go. Carla's furious, blaming Leanne for whole mess in the first place. Liam's confused until Carla announces that Leanne's a prostitute and that Paul was one of her clients. Liam and Michelle are stunned.


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