Len returns from seeing Stanley in Nottingham. Elsie tells him that Jerry has been acting strangely towards her. Len promises to find out why. Albert's cooking gives Jack stomach ache. Annie finds out from Minnie that she saw Jack going into No. 11. Jack wonders if it's time to return to Annie. Jerry tells Len that he thinks Elsie was on holiday with Dave. Jack tries to talk to Annie but she won't listen. Annie breaks down and tells Minnie that Jack has left her. Ken returns from prison. Len is cold with Elsie. Jack considers giving Annie a present to get round her but makes the mistake of asking Elsie's advice in full view of a suspicious Annie. Val is hurt that Ken didn't put her and the twins first. Minnie advises Annie to fetch Jack back. Mr Dawlish, the Principal at Granston Technical College sends for Ken. Annie calls at No. 11 and asks an astonished Elsie for her husband back. The residents watch as Elsie goes for Annie; they argue and insult each other with Hilda and Ena joining in. Albert tells Jack about the ongoing argument. Having had enough of Annie jumping to conclusions, he sneaks into No. 11 through the back door and then out of the front in full view of everyone.


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Elsie Tanner: "He wants a medal, you know, living with her all these years."
Annie Walker: "Yes, well your husband threw the towel in pretty quickly, didn't he? Mind you, it's not every man that wants a wife with the morals of an alley cat!"
Elsie Tanner: "And it's not every fellah that wants a clapped-out millhand with delusions of grandeur for a wife!"

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