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Paul tries in vain to talk Carla out of going into business with Leanne. Kirk's depressed as he can't get a job and nobody wants him. Carla and Leanne sign the contract and become the new owners of Valandro's. Leanne's nervous but manages to cover. Tam turns up in the Rovers again. He chats up Violet and asks for her phone number. Fiz tells Maria she's worried that she's scared John away by appearing too keen. Claire tells Ashley they should go out and search for Casey as the police don't seem to be bothering. Leanne and Carla go out for a celebratory drink. While Leanne's in the ladies' an old client of hers approaches Carla thinking she's also a prostitute and gives his card to her. Carla's stunned as she realises the truth about Leanne's job. Carla points out the businessman who approached her. Leanne's shaken but lies saying he must be mistaken as she's never met him before. Paul lies in wait for Leanne to return home. He tries to bribe her telling her that he'll pay her to stay out of Carla's and Liam's lives for good, but Leanne says she's not interested.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Leanne and Carla enjoy a celebratory drink after signing the contract for the restaurant - but when they are approached by one of Leanne's clients, who asks if they both work for the same agency, it looks like Leanne's secret might be out. Kirk is too ashamed to admit to Fiz that he's had no luck finding a job; and Tam asks Violet out for a drink.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,180,000 viewers (3rd place).
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