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Ashley confides in Kevin that a tiny bit of him wonders if Claire is guilty. The police question Claire accusing her of setting fire to the house and disposing of Freddie. They suggest she came off her medication too soon and is still suffering from postnatal depression. Claire maintains her innocence. Vernon tells Liz he suspects that Derek fancies her. Liz doesn't know what to say. Carla takes Paul to the Italian for lunch and tells him that she and Leanne are buying the business. Paul's furious but can't bring himself to tell Carla the truth that Leanne's a prostitute and nothing to do with property. Doreen turns up in the Rovers and Rita's delighted to see her. Norris leaves them to it. Rita realises Norris must have planned it. Leanne lies to Liam again using Toyah as her excuse while she goes to see a client. Violet flirts with a customer called Tam in the Rovers. Sean's disapproving. Vernon asks Liz if she still wants to marry him. She feels obliged to say yes.


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