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Kirk's excited when he gets a text from Fiz asking him to call round. Liz lies to Vernon and tells him that she's attending a brewery lunch when really she's meeting Derek at his brother-in-law's flat. Claire daren't let Freddie or Joshua out of her sight, worried that someone will try and steal them again. Kirk turns up at Fiz's flat hoping for a reconciliation. He's gutted when Fiz tells him that she's met someone else. The police question Claire insinuating she might have dumped Freddie and started the fire herself. Claire and Ashley are furious with them.Carla and Leanne revisit the Italian and discuss the improvements they'll make when they buy the business. Gary dumps Violet. She realises she scared him off with talk of babies. Derek gets a call from Linda to say she's on her way over to the flat. Derek leaves in a hurry and Liz has to walk past Linda hoping she won't recognise her. Claire suddenly remembers Casey and convinced that Casey is behind it all having lost her own baby, she phones the police.


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  • TV Times synopsis: An excited Kirk arrives at Fiz's flat with flowers; Derek invites Liz to his brother-in-law's flat for another afternoon of passion, unaware that his wife is on her way round;; and Carla tries again to convince Leanne to go into business with her.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,790,000 viewers (4th place).
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