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Eileen's spent the night in the hospital at Claire's bedside. Leanne's spent the night with Liam and it's obvious they really like each other. Eileen breaks the news to Claire that Freddie must have died in the fire. Claire becomes hysterical and sobs in Eileen's arms. Steve and Michelle try again to arrange a date but are thwarted at every turn. Ken calls to see Deirdre but she gives him short shrift. Later, Liz tries to console Deirdre who's convinced Ken thinks Daniel is more important than their marriage. Ashley arrives back with Joshua. Eileen breaks the news to him about Freddie. Roy feels terrible about the Peacocks' fire wishing he'd got into the house sooner and therefore been able to rescue Freddie. Hayley does her best to console him. Ashley surveys the burnt remains of his house. He's completely distraught. Eileen breaks down in Jerry's kitchen after her harrowing day. Leanne's supposed to be meeting a client but instead she phones the agency and tells them she's quitting her job as an escort. She goes out with Liam instead. The police tell Ashley that there's no evidence that Freddie was in the house when it caught fire. Ashley's totally bewildered.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Leanne refuses a drink with Liam as she's meeting a client - but soon has a change of heart and quits the job altogether, much to the delight of Janice. Steve and Michelle struggle to get any time alone; and Deirdre is upset that Ken doesn't seem to share her suffering.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,690,000 viewers (2nd place).
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