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Liam tries to ring Leanne but she isn't answering her phone. Liz calls Derek to check that they are still on for their date. Sarah arrives back from Greece. She and Jason are ecstatic to see each other. Leanne sticks her head out of the window and Liam serenades her. They arrange to go for lunch at the Rovers. Eileen goes back to work for the first time since losing Holly. She's fed up of being miserable. Carla's convinced that Paul's keeping something from her but he refuses to be drawn. Vera is still laid up with her ankle. Molly, Jack and Tyrone go to the Rovers with the baby monitor. Ken tells Deirdre that he's going to see Denise and Daniel. Blanche is shocked and looks for the letter Denise sent after Tracy's trial to find Denise's address. Leanne brings Janice on her lunch date with Liam. Liam isn't happy but tries his best to cover. Liam sees Paul's car outside the factory and goes to investigate. Paul isn't happy to see Leanne and Liam together. Deirdre babysits Amy while Liz sneaks off to meet Derek. Deirdre warns Liz not to get carried away. Liz starts to have second thoughts when she and Derek are in his brother-in-law's flat. They get scared by a knock on the door but it turns out to be the next-door neighbour. Liz relaxes and stays. Molly offers to take Vera some ambient sound CD's to help her relax. Ken goes to see Daniel. Blanche shows up. Ken is furious with Blanche. Ken finds it hard to talk to Daniel in front of Blanche. Violet keeps getting texts from Gary. Deirdre warns Liz that if she carries on the affair she'll end up getting caught. Blanche gives Ken and Denise a hard time. Paul can't cope with seeing Leanne and Liam together. Paul asks Liam for a word in private. Leanne panics.


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