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Liam wakes up on the sofa after a night of boozing with Paul. Paul stayed at No.7. Ken is miserable and is still staying at the B&B. Fiz provides the plastic flowers for the play that Les should have got. Claire and Gail hatch a plan to get rid of the Mortons' shed. Janice again tries to dissuade Leanne from going to work. Leanne fears Janice is right about being unable to carry on being a prostitute and seeing Liam. Kevin lets slip to Mr Stape that Sophie fancies him. Sophie is embarrassed. Fiz and Mr Stape are shocked to see each other. They pretend they've never met. Leanne arranges to see Liam again. Janice again tells her to stop being a prostitute. Violet gets a text from Gary. Things are still strained between Michelle and Steve. Gail asks Deirdre whether the Mortons would need planning permission for the shed. Leanne knocks on a client's hotel room door to find Paul is the client. Both are horrified. They promise to keep it a secret. Paul pays her £50 but they don't sleep together. Denise informs Ken that Daniel has agreed to see him. Ken is thrilled. Claire and Gail make Ashley measure the Mortons' shed. He gets his jumper caught on the framework. Fiz and Mr Stape are happy to see each other. There is something between them. It's awkward when Paul and Leanne bump into each other in the Rovers. Liam and Carla don't suspect anything.


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