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Michelle has to leave Ryan on his own while she's at work. He wants to go to Liam's house but Michelle won't let him - Ryan doesn't understand why. Michelle again tells Liam to stay away from them. Vera is still in lots of pain with her ankle. Paul's still angry with Carla for allowing the truth about Dean's death to come out. Carla promises to fix the situation. Vera has to rely on people to help her walk. She feels like she's a burden. Liam finds Ryan spraying graffiti. Michelle's annoyed that Liam is the one to find him. Jason clears Holly's things from No.11. Molly asks if she can have the baby monitor. Steve sees Michelle having a go at Liam but doesn't know why. Deirdre is still snapping at Ken. Michelle thanks Carla for letting her know the truth about her brothers. Michelle says that she is going to tell Ryan what really happened. Carla points out that it will destroy Ryan's relationship with his uncles. The atmosphere is awful at No.1. Blanche tells Ken to sort it out. Molly gives Vera the baby monitor so she can contact Jack at all times. Jack is not happy at all. Michelle decides to let Ryan go to round to Paul and Carla's flat. Ken makes an effort with Deirdre; he cooks a meal hoping this might help their relationship. However, they soon end up arguing again and Deirdre walks out. Michelle tells Steve she's going to leave Weatherfield as she can't be around her brothers. Steve tells her that she can't go and kisses her.


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