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Jason has bought flowers for Gail to thank her for talking to Eileen. Eileen is upset at the prospect of Holly leaving. Paul is pleased with the way he has handled getting Sally on his side. Gail talks to Jason and sees he is upset about losing Holly. He tells her that he's not going to Greece so he can stay with Eileen. Liz glues sequins on Amy's nails - much to Steve's dismay. Liz lies to Vernon and Steve. She tells them she is going to a brewery-do to cover the fact that she is meeting up with Derek. Liam doesn't like the fact that the factory workers are being unfriendly to him. Blanche returns home from Ilkeston. Ken is relieved to have someone else in the house with him and Deirdre. Derek and Liz meet in a hotel bar. She is thrilled with the romance of it. Claire tries to sympathise with Eileen, but it just upsets her even more. Violet and Eileen take photos with Holly before she leaves. Sally confides to Kevin that the PA job feels like bribery. Kevin tells her to take it. Ken wants to turn Blanche's bedroom into a study and have her move to Tracy's room. Deirdre refuses to discuss it. Ken is getting sick of Deirdre's attitude. Vernon is trying to come up with wedding ideas - none of which are practical. Sean, Violet, Jason and Eileen are all upset to see Holly go. Eileen breaks down.


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