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Gail's attempts to talk Eileen round are futile. Hayley and Sally try to question Paul and Liam regarding Kasia's death. Gail tells Jason that Eileen is planning to leave and tells him to speak to her. Hayley and Sally tell the Connors that they have guessed that Kasia's fall was due to exhaustion. Jason goes to see Eileen to try and stop her leaving. Eileen says that she's going because everyone is against her. She tells him that she's going to stay with Todd in London. Jerry tells Darryl that his new bedroom is going to be the garden shed. The shed arrives and is enormous. Liz and Derek arrange another date. Eileen won't change her plans despite what Jason says. The size of the shed causes upset amongst the neighbours. To get Sally on side and stop her asking questions about Kasia, Paul tells her that he wants her to be a Personal Assistant. Paul tells the factory workers that if they carry on spreading rumours they'll be putting themselves out of work. Gail goes back to talk to Eileen and make her see that running away is wrong. Liam isn't happy with the way Paul has handled the workforce. Eileen asks Gail to ring social services for her and arrange for Holly to be collected. Liz and Deirdre discuss Liz's affair with Derek.


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