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Jason's spent the night at No.8 even though Sarah's over in Greece for Candice's wedding. Sean and Violet try to make Eileen see sense over Holly, but to no avail. Audrey enlists David and Jason's help to erect some banners for Gail's 50th birthday. David thinks it's hilarious as he secretly knows it's only her 49th! Liz tells Vernon he can set his drum kit up in the cellar. Eileen's furious to learn that Jason's staying with the Platts. Liam persuades Leanne to let him buy her a drink. Gail's furious to see the "Happy 50th" banners and appalled that her own mother doesn't know how old she is. Derek calls in the Rovers pretending he needs to talk brewery business with Liz who takes him through to the back. Deirdre's suspicious and Liz admits she fancies him. Audrey apologises to Gail about her birthday. Gail forgives her and they celebrate her 49th with a glass of champagne. Janice suggests that Leanne could juggle both Liam and her job if she wanted to. Eileen confides in Claire that she knows one day social services will snatch Holly back and doesn't know what to do.


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