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Sally's in a state of shock about Kasia's death. Jerry's about to pull a piece of paper out of Mel's handbag but she quickly stops him. Jodie's suspicious and wonders what was on the paper. Paul calls the police. He tells them how Kasia had just arrived for work when she slipped and fell down the stairs. Carla and Liam back up the story. The factory girls are horrified to hear about Kasia. Paul tells them the factory will be closed for a few days but they'll still be paid. Paul and Liam lie to Michelle saying Kasia had just arrived for work. Carla convinces Wiki that it's better if they lie about Kasia's time of death and pretend she was working for Underworld, as her family will get some insurance money. Sally's suspicious of the Connors' version of events surrounding Kasia's death. Teresa storms into the takeaway and demands her TV back from Jerry. He tells her that she can have the TV but she's not having Kayleigh or Finlay back. Teresa's not bothered and Jerry tells her that she's an unfit mother. David winds Gail up telling her that he's not sure which GCSE exams he's going to bother turning up for. Liam's furious with Paul and Carla for involving him in their web of lies.


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