Kasia, Wiki and Judy have been working all night sewing dungarees for Carla. They're preparing to load the order into the van when Kasia falls down the stairs. Wiki rushes to help her friend but it's obvious she's dead. Carla's horrified. Derek calls at the Rovers and thanks Liz for a lovely evening. Carla phones Paul in a panic. Paul tells her he'll be straight over and she mustn't call an ambulance. Carla blames herself for Kasia's death as she made her work a twenty-hour shift. Paul insists they must pretend Kasia slipped and fell after 8am when she would have been working for Underworld rather than illegally for Carla - with no insurance and less than the minimum wage. Carla's guilt-ridden. Jamie and Liam are woken by Jack feeding his pigeons in their backyard. Jack persuades Liam to let him keep the pigeon loft at No.7. Wiki wonders why the ambulance is taking so long. Paul persuades her to go home promising that they will deal with Kasia. Vernon's hung-over. Liz gives him short shrift for standing her up at the restaurant. Liam arrives at the factory and is shocked to see Kasia's body. He's appalled when Paul tells him their plan and makes him clock Kasia in after 8am. Sophie's nervous as it's the day of her Bugsy Malone audition. Sally arrives at the factory and is shocked to see Kasia lying dead on the floor.


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  • Alongside Amelia Caudwell and Amy Starkey, Holly is also played by another baby whose name is unknown.
  • Jo McLaren was credited as the Stunt Performer on this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: Carla is relieved at the completion of her clothing order, but her jubilation comes to an abrupt end when a tragic accident befalls |one of the workers at the factory; Derek's charms prove a temptation for Liz, who gracefully accepts Vernon's apology; and Sophie prepares for her school play audition.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,530,000 viewers (1st place).
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