Deirdre's worried sick about Tracy. Ken's sympathetic but Deirdre just snaps at him. Jason and Bill tidy up the Builder's Yard ready to show Audrey round. Molly catches Kayleigh stealing a tube of toothpaste from the Corner Shop. Dev tells Jerry. The factory girls worry about Joanne and wonder what they can do to secure her release. Hayley berates Janice for her part in Joanne's arrest. Chesney tells Cilla he's thinking of auditioning for the school musical Bugsy Malone. Cilla quizzes him closely wondering if he's gay. Emma, the mother of baby Holly knocks on the door of No.11. Emma shows Eileen a photo of Charlie Stubbs in a newspaper. She tells Eileen that he's the father of the baby and that he lied about his name - calling himself "Jason Grimshaw". Eileen's shocked. Jerry confronts Kayleigh over her shoplifting. She pretends she simply forgot to pay but Jerry's suspicious. Steve, Dev and Paul arrange another round of golf and agree to play for £5 a hole. Jerry drops Kayleigh back at Teresa's house and is appalled to discover Teresa's gone on holiday leaving Kayleigh to look after six-year-old Finlay. Emma tells Eileen that she wants the baby back but Eileen's not giving her up without a fight.


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