The Walkers start bickering as soon as they wake up but Annie can't take any more and they apologise to each other. Val has sleepless nights over Ken's forthcoming prison sentence. She begs him to pay the fine but he refuses, saying that a seven-day absence won't be so bad. She refuses to give him her support. Jerry offers to give Emily swimming lessons to help her over her fear of water. Hilda thinks Ken's conviction reflects badly on the Ogdens. Annie starts to pester Jack with questions again. Val gets rattled with Ken. David tells him he's summoned Frank to talk sense into him but Ken's unconcerned. Annie sulks when Jack won't say that he loves her in front of the customers. Ken and Frank argue and Ken accuses him of favouring David all his life. Val is upset at the way Ken speaks to his father. Stan makes fun of Emily and is silenced when she challenges him to a swimming race. Hilda tries to pry into what happened with Frank but gets short shrift from Irma. Val breaks down in front of David and Irma. David suggests that they could pay the fine on his behalf. Val likes the idea. Lucille gets tired of the Walkers' bickering. Annie refuses to let the truth game drop so Jack sleeps in the spare room to get some peace. Annie warns him this is the thin end of the wedge.


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  • First appearance of Frank Barlow since 27th May 1964. It was originally intended for the character to come back on a full-time basis and this episode was a test to see if Frank Pemberton was able to cope with the rigours of rehearsals and recording following a stroke he had suffered on 24th February 1965. The idea went no further as Mr Pemberton was plainly still ill, only able to act in a short scene of under two minutes while seated and unable to use his left arm. The character's next and final appearance was on 3rd February 1971.
  • TV Times synopsis: A family gathering at the Barlows and a 'wet' idea from Miss Nugent
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,950,000 homes (8th place).
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