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Bill tells Jason he's thinking of buying the builder's yard and wants Jason to work for him. Jason and Sarah are delighted. Blanche goes to stay with a friend in Ilkeston. She gives Ken and Deirdre a wedding anniversary card before she leaves. They're embarrassed realising they'd both forgotten. Sophie practises for her part in the school play. Rosie takes the mickey suggesting she's only doing it because she fancies Mr Stape. Peter tells Adam he's opening another bookies in Portsmouth and asks him to run it for him. Adam's tempted. Ken and Deirdre visit Tracy in prison. Deirdre apologises for letting her down. Tracy asks them to fund her appeal but Ken refuses, explaining they've no money left. Hayley forces Janice to admit that she was the one who tipped off the immigration officers. The factory girls are shocked. Audrey offers to invest £10,000 in the yard to help Bill. He's delighted. Janice admits to Paul that the raid on the factory was her fault. He threatens to sack her, but Carla manages to calm him down. Tracy sits in her cell looking at a photo of Amy, the enormity of what she's done finally sinking in.


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