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Ken and Deirdre row about Tracy. Deirdre continues to blame herself. Peter suspects Ken and Deirdre think Tracy was guilty after all but they refuse to comment. Vernon's put out when Steve tells him to shift his drum kit out of the spare room as it's now Amy's bedroom. Liam compliments Wiki on her sewing. Janice continues to make bitchy comments. Wiki tells Janice she's a hypocrite as her boyfriend's working in France. The girls row and Liam threatens to sack them. Darryl and Mel argue over the guest list for their 18th birthday party. Carla arranges to meet Leanne for a drink. They're discussing Leanne's job selling Spanish property when Janice arrives. Janice can't help making a dig at Leanne. Steve confides in Michelle how hard he's finding it to tell Amy that mummy's in prison and won't be home for fifteen years. Michelle's sympathetic. Joanne swears Hayley to secrecy and tells her that she's an illegal immigrant herself and she's worried the Polish girls might unwittingly draw attention to the fact. Steve sings to Amy. Michelle watches them, touched at how caring Steve is. Janice resolves to grass up the Polish girls to the Immigration Service. Michelle offers Steve her support and tells him that he's a lovely dad.


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