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Ken, Deirdre and Steve try and persuade Tracy that assuming she's found not guilty, she mustn't move away. Steve's worried he won't see Amy, but Tracy's adamant it's for the best and promises she'll give Steve her new address. Leanne winds Liam up pretending that she had a full survey on No.7 and that it showed up all sorts of structural problems. Liam's worried. Claire leaves several apologetic messages on Casey's phone but she refuses to return her calls. Claire's worried about her. Janice and Joanne gang up against the Polish workers refusing to have anything to do with them. The Barlows return to court where the prosecution and defence make their closing speeches. Liam offers to take Leanne out in return for a look at the survey but she refuses. Everyone waits around nervously outside the court while the jury considers its verdict. David's slightly thrown when Ken's unfriendly towards him. Tracy's in the dock awaiting the jury's verdict.


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  • After Ken Barlow comments that he's tempted to join Deirdre for a cigarette, he was originally supposed to take the one that he was offered. This was changed after William Roache - an ex-smoker - objected, and the scene was rewritten so that he instead refuses.
  • The scenes at Weatherfield Crown Court were recorded at Bradford Town Hall.
  • TV Times synopsis: As the defence and prosecution teams deliver their closing speeches, Deirdre learns Tracy intends to leave Weatherfield whatever the outcome of the trial - making her fear she'll lose touch with Amy.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,760,000 viewers (2nd place).
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