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Tracy continues to punish Deirdre, blaming her for the fact she'll probably end up in prison. Deirdre's guilt-ridden but Ken defends her actions. Dev shows Molly the new golfing shoes he's bought. Molly takes the mickey. Claire has Casey round at No.4 for a coffee. Joshua hurts himself and Casey offers to look after Freddie while Claire takes him to casualty. David meets up with Tracy. He tells her that he'll always be there for her, but Tracy makes it clear she doesn't want a relationship with him. David's hurt. Peter suggests they should all go out for a meal together as a family. Claire returns from the hospital to find Casey and Freddie have disappeared. She panics and calls the police. Norris and Doreen enjoy discussing Tracy's murder trial in detail. Rita's appalled. Deirdre asks Tracy to come out for dinner with the family but Tracy says she'd rather starve than eat with her mum. Deirdre's distraught. Casey arrives back with Freddie, but when she finds out Claire called the police and obviously didn't trust her, she's deeply offended and leaves. Claire feels terrible. Tracy tells Deirdre how sorry she is and resolves that if she doesn't end up in prison, she and Amy are moving away to start a new life somewhere else.


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