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Tracy's court case gets underway. Jerry's worried about Kayleigh. He phones Teresa Bryant, Kayleigh's mum, and persuades her to invite Kayleigh to live with her. She's delighted. Jodie thinks her sister is better off living with Jerry. Jason, Maria and Peter are called as witnesses. Deirdre remains at home fretting with Ken. Liam moves into No.7 with Jamie. Leanne calls round to see Jamie and is furious to discover Liam's the culprit who gazumped her. Claire meets Casey in the park. She tells her how worried she is about taking the witness stand and Casey's sympathetic. The forensic expert points out that Charlie was sitting down when he was hit and that there was none of Tracy's blood on the ornament so she must have cut herself with the knife after she'd hit Charlie. Sarah tells Jason she's had a text from Candice who's getting married in Greece and wants her to be her bridesmaid. Blanche, Peter and Adam return home from court. They tell Deirdre about the forensic evidence. Deirdre's distraught and tells Ken she doesn't think she can lie for Tracy.


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