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Tracy's furious with Peter for fraternising with Maria, but Peter's adamant he can see who he likes. Wilf and Kayleigh con Dev out of £15. When Jerry finds out he tells Kayleigh she's working at the takeaway for free until the money's paid back. As a result of Deirdre's panic attack and her suspicions about Tracy, she and Ken decide it would be best if she didn't take the stand at Tracy's trial. Leanne discovers that Janice has nicked her business phone in an attempt to scupper her meeting any more clients. Leanne takes the phone back telling her that she's wasting her time. Claire meets up with Casey who suggests that Claire should bring Freddie along next time. Doreen moves into Rita's flat with her. When Norris sees the amount of stuff Doreen has brought with her, he warns Rita she'll be stuck with Doreen for a year. Leanne buys Janice's jewellery back from the pawnbrokers for her and promises to always let her know who she's with and where she is when she's working. Deirdre breaks the news to Tracy that she won't take the stand in court, making out it's for health reasons, but Tracy senses her mother doesn't really believe her version of events.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Ken suggests the impending trial will be too much for Deirdre and recommends she doesn't take the stand, putting the whole court case in jeopardy. Janice agrees to disagree with Leanne over her choice of career; and hustler Grandad Morton teaches Kayleigh a thing or two about pulling off a scam.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,430,000 viewers (3rd place).
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