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Tracy's snappy and hostile. Ken puts it down to stress but Deirdre's not so sure. Steve and Dev tell Paul they want another round of golf, convinced they'll beat him again and take his money off him. Paul agrees to book it. Jerry berates Wilf for teaching Kayleigh some of his con tricks. Derek calls in the Rovers. Liz apologises for cancelling their date but reckons it was probably for the best. Derek leaves but insists on giving Liz his phone number. Peter has dinner at Maria's flat. As he kisses her goodnight on the doorstep, Tracy clocks them. Tracy goes ballistic with Peter for snogging "Charlie's bit on the side" and calls Maria a tart. As Ken and Deirdre watch helplessly, Deirdre suffers chest pains. Ken calls an ambulance. Janice pawns her jewellery in return for £400. She offers the money to Leanne asking her to give up being a prostitute and use the money while she finds a job. Leanne's touched but refuses pointing out she can earn £400 in a night. The paramedic tells Deirdre she's suffered a panic attack but she's fine. Ken's relieved it's nothing serious. An anguished Deirdre confides in Ken all her suspicions about Tracy, worried that her daughter really is a murderer.


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