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Persistent Carla's trying to contact Paul. Tracy, Peter and Deirdre are back from court. Peter's amused at Tracy's confidence. The buyer from Macnee's turns up and finds the factory girls on strike except for Wiki, with Liam and Carla in the middle of a row. She's unimpressed. Carla advises Liam not to give in, but Liam insists if Paul's gone AWOL he's giving Sean his job back. Janice tells Leanne it feels like she's never had a proper bloke before she met Roger. Leanne tells Janice she's selling property abroad and making loads of money. The buyer tells Liam and Carla they've wasted her time and leaves. Vernon tells Steve he's opening the Tomlin Academy of Drumming upstairs at the Rovers. Janice tells Leanne that she and Roger are still together but he's got another contract in France. She admits she was homesick - Leanne admits she was too. Tracy tells Peter to keep away from Maria, he might catch something. Dev comes into the Rovers with a swagger, takes off his new jacket to reveal a shirt just like Peter's. To get the workers' attention, Liam hands Sean a bra and tells him to come back to work in the morning to finish it off. Hayley asks Liam to give Wiki the going rate. Liz invites Derek the delivery man through to the back for a drink. Leanne gives Dev some property brochures. Liam confesses to Carla how Dean died. He, Paul and Dean had been out and got drunk. Paul was in the driving seat when the car crashed. Dean was already dead so they dragged him out and left him in the driving seat and that is why they can barely look Michelle and Ryan in the eye.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Liam reinstates Sean to end the strike after a disastrous business meeting; Carla continues to fret about Paul's behaviour before discovering the terrible secret her husband has been hiding for years; Peter is astonished at Tracy's confident attitude to her future; and Janice and Leanne catch up on the gossip.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,720,000 viewers (2nd place).
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