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Ryan arrives back from his school trip. Michelle breaks the news to him that she and Sonny have split up but doesn't explain why. Jason shows Sarah the CCTV footage of David and Tracy. Sarah questions David wanting to know what's going on but David's enigmatic. Sean calls round to Sonny's house intent on clearing the air and they end up in bed. Leanne lets slip to Liam that she's in the process of buying No.7. Ryan turns up at Sonny's house demanding to know why he and Michelle split up. He finds Sean there in a state of undress and realises what's going on. Ryan grabs Sonny's car keys and before anyone can stop him drives off in Sonny's car. Derek the new delivery man calls in the Rovers and introduces himself to Liz. Michelle gets a call from the police to say Ryan's been joyriding in Sonny's car. Sarah questions Tracy in front of Deirdre about her relationship with David. Vernon arrives back from his taxi job and explains how he ended up at an all night party by accident. Steve fires him from Street Cars. Paul's furious with Ryan for joyriding in Sonny's car and hits him. Liam has to calm him down. Tracy lies to Deirdre saying that David is suffering from trauma and stress because of the trial and that she's been trying to calm him down. Deirdre's disbelieving.


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