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Paul and Liam frogmarch Sean to the Rovers insisting he tells Michelle the truth. Tracy's upset to see No.6 has been sold. Excited Michelle drags Sean into the back room of the Rovers to show him the new sexy dress she's bought to impress Sonny. Sean can no longer put off the evil moment and confesses to Michelle that he slept with Sonny. It's Norris's birthday and Rita's treating him to an Italian. When Doreen tries to muscle in on their evening, Rita makes it clear she's not invited and Norris is touched. Michelle rushes out of the Rovers in tears. Liam and Paul follow her. Paul threatens to beat up Sonny but Michelle forbids it insisting she'll fight her own battles. Jason's fixing Leanne's front door. Liam offers to pay for it and flirts with Leanne but she feigns disinterest. Sonny arrives at Michelle's flat bearing flowers. He's shocked when heartbroken Michelle tells him that she knows all about him and Sean. David tries to get Tracy to have sex with him in the ginnel but once again she manages to wriggle out of it much to her relief. Steve sends Vernon on a taxi job and is annoyed when he fails to show up. Sonny pleads with Michelle to give him a second chance but she's too hurt and upset and throws him out. Michelle thrusts the flowers Sonny bought her at Sean and slaps him round the face.


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