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Vernon stumbles out of the Rovers wondering where everybody is. A police officer tells him there's a bomb scare. Sonny and Sean escape from No.7 unnoticed by anyone they know. The locals remain holed up in the community centre. Roy's relieved when Hayley appears having been shopping and totally unaware of the bomb scare. The bomb disposal team explode the bomb at No.4 leaving a crater in the garden. Ashley's worried that Claire's become too involved with one of the women who phoned the Women at Crisis helpline. She's called Casey and Claire calls her back to see how she is - which is against the rules. Ashley and Claire survey the devastation to their garden. Claire's upset that her gnome has had his head blown off. Becky, Kelly and a couple of women from the hostel agree to work late at the factory for Carla. The other factory girls are disgusted with Kelly for accepting below the minimum wage. Jamie gets Sean to admit he slept with Sonny in Jamie's bed. Tracy accuses Steve of fancying Michelle and just using her. He denies it. Sean and Sonny flirt outrageously over the bar in front of Michelle who's blissfully ignorant of their relationship.


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