Ron threatens to tell Emily that Dennis fixed her up with Brian unless Dennis puts a stop to the affair. Dennis and Lucille send him up for being so bothered by it. Emily makes a date with Brian. Val can't decide where the family should holiday. David receives a letter from Frank and discovers he's been in bed with bronchitis. Ken grows determined that the meeting should take place. Ron warns Brian that he's making a fool of himself with his crush. Brian intends to ask Emily to share the future with him. Ron is pleased as Emily will turn down his proposal and he'll have his friend back. Lucille worries about Emily when she asks Jerry if he believes in love. Alf discovers the students are planning to ignore the ban and enlists Ken's help via Val to persuade the "bolshies" to back down. Irma teases David by telling him that Ron asked her out. David takes it as a compliment. Ken refuses to change his beliefs for Val. Emily invites her nightschool friend Audrey Hargreaves over at the same time as her date with Brian. Brian is annoyed when Audrey arrives and Emily leaves them to it while she pretends to run an errand. After an initial awkwardness Brian opens up to Audrey. Irma doesn't like the pair being left alone in the flat. Emily returns in time to see them leave together. Ron is put out that Brian can't go out with him anymore because of Audrey. Ken tells Alf the demo is going ahead - and he'll be joining it.


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