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Jodie's delighted to see the cafe shut and tells Jason and Bill she wants the chippy open by the end of the week. While Dev's out, Amber interviews Molly for the corner shop assistant job. She winds Molly up so that Molly eventually leaves in a strop saying she'd rather work at the kennels. Hayley tells the factory girls how Becky's innocent of the fire but the girls aren't interested. Fiz is put out that Chesney's chosen to live with Les and Cilla rather than her, but she puts on a brave face and tells him that he'll always be welcome at the flat. David is interviewed by Tracy's solicitor. She gives him a hard time suggesting he's made the whole story up but David gives a RADA performance and Jayne's impressed. With Michelle in earshot, Steve tells Tracy how happy he is with her. Tracy's delighted. Lloyd acquires some VIP tickets for the opening of a new nightclub. David tells Tracy he's changed his mind and no longer wants to be a witness.


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