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Roy and Hayley tell the police how they suspect Becky of arson. Les and Cilla make an effort to make Chesney feel welcome at No.5. David shows off to Amber about the fact he witnessed Tracy killing Charlie. Worried what David will say to her solicitor, Tracy bribes him with some CD's. Fiz is missing Chesney. Kirk's worried that Fiz wants a baby but she assures him that she doesn't. Dev offers Molly a job in the corner shop. Carla panics when a client doubles its Trendy Tots order and she realises that she hasn't enough machinists. Becky pleads her innocence over the fire to Hayley but Hayley's disbelieving. Carla sacks Becky on the assumption she was responsible for the cafe fire. The fire officer tells Hayley the fire was started by an electrical fault with the deep fat fryer and wasn't arson at all. Feeling guilty, Hayley apologises to Becky for suspecting her, but Becky's hurt and upset. She thrusts the curtains she made for Roy and Hayley's car at her and leaves. Hayley feels terrible.


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