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It's Valentine's Day. Rosie goes through the post and is saddened to find nothing from Craig. Sophie says that Rosie will get nothing more from him and gets Sally to write a Valentine's card for her. Sally thinks it's for Chesney but Sophie secretly pushes the card through the door of No.3. Norris shows Rita his Valentine's card and wonders who sent it. The social worker follows up the complaint made about the Grimshaws and calls at No.11. Eileen's furious to think one of the neighbours has reported them. To Jason's disappointment, the social worker is happy that Holly is being well looked after and leaves. Eileen resolves to find out who made the complaint. Cilla lures Chesney back to No.5 on the promise of chips and ice-cream. Sally calls in The Kabin and writes out a cheque for her paper bill. Norris compares the handwriting with the Valentine's card and realises Sally wrote it. Carla gives Becky some more overtime and allows her to use the machine to start work on some curtains she's making. Steve kisses Tracy in front of Michelle in the hope of making her jealous. Jason finally admits to Eileen he phoned social services himself. He explains how he never wanted to keep Holly and that it was only ever Eileen who wanted her. Eileen's shocked.


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