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Les persuades Chesney to call in for lunch. Les tells Cilla she needs to make more of an effort if she wants Chesney to move back home. Gail questions David closely about his claim that he saw Tracy murder Charlie in self-defence. She hopes he'll say he made it all up but on the contrary, David insists he's telling the truth. Roy and Hayley donate a pile of junk to Becky's flat fund. Hayley persuades Liam to let her have some factory seconds too. Roy decides he's not donating his old comics that belonged to his father - he's going to sell them separately. Tracy's released from prison on bail. Ken and Deirdre are delighted. Kelly's convinced Liam fancies her. Later however, when the rest of the girls have left the factory, Liam flirts with Joanne and kisses her. Sarah rows with Maria for keeping schtum over Charlie's attempted drowning of David. Gail takes David to the police station where he tells the police how he witnessed Charlie's murder. Chesney calls at No.5 but Les and Cilla are so busy rowing they don't even hear him enter. Chesney leaves unnoticed and disappointed. Ken and Deirdre give Tracy the good news, that David witnessed Charlie's murder. Tracy pretends she's pleased although secretly she's in turmoil.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tracy is released on bail and returns to the Street, where she hears about David's claims - prompting her to wonder what he actually saw. Meanwhile, Liam makes a move on Joanne; Cilla and Les appear to have blown their chances with Chesney; and Roy discovers a stash of valuable comics.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,830,000 viewers (2nd place).
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