Paul's hung-over and Carla's still annoyed with him for neglecting her on their anniversary. David apologises to Maria but he's still hurt, especially when she tells him she'd never fancy him and the world doesn't revolve around him. Carla insists Paul takes her out for a drink and invites Liam, Kelly and Joanne along too. A customer calls in the Builder's Yard and gives Jason £1,500 in cash to settle an old invoice which Charlie was chasing him for. David drops a bombshell in the Salon in front of Blanche, Audrey and Maria. He tells them how Charlie tried to drown him in the bath. Les persuades Kirk and Chesney to have a kick-about on the Street. Les asks Chesney to move back home explaining how much they miss him but he refuses. Violet babysits for Holly. Sean arrives back home from his holiday to find Violet in tears, distraught at the thought of never being able to have children. Gail and Deirdre insist David gives them all the details of the attempted drowning. Enjoying the attention, David lies and shocks them saying how he witnessed Tracy killing Charlie. Liam gives Kelly and Joanne a lift back. They're both equally disappointed when he drops them off and wishes them goodnight. Liam's secretly amused. Paul wins Carla round and they celebrate their anniversary a day late. David sits in his car listening to music delighted at the mayhem he's caused.


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